Midland Fair Havens

Project Size
12 Unit Apartment Building, 3 Family Dorm Units

Architectural/Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering

Completion Date

Midland Fair Havens | Midland, Texas

Midland Fair Havens is a Christian based, non-profit organization that provides a home for homeless women and children.  The women agree to set goals to improve their education and/or job skills.  Ultimately the woman’s objective is to become self-sufficient and provide a home for her family.

The proposed facility consists of a twelve (12) unit apartment building, three (3) family dorm unit with a supervisor’s apartment and a community/administration building.

Residents and non-resident clients will be provided various types of training in the community space including, financial responsibility, parenting classes, nutrition, bible studies, etc.  This area will be served by a catering kitchen, pantry, storage and restrooms.